Turning Search Clicks Into Customers
using full funnel marketing

turning search clicks into customers 1
Technology is continually reshaping the digital marketing landscape.

With the consumer data that already exists, paid search continues to evolve as an omnipresent influencer. (20 things the internet already knows about you)


of consumers use a search engine in their discovery of new products and services


utilize a search engine to research and compare products and services before purchase

A search isn’t just a click.
It’s a customer on a purchase journey.

These journeys will vary but it is our job as marketers to reach the right person at the right moment with the right message all while spending your hard-earned dollars in a smart, calculated way.

Here are a few different ways full funnel search engine marketing is used to reach consumers on all levels of their purchase journeys:

customer search funnel
  • Category-level searches – broad search terms that are not product or brand-specific (eg. “HDTV” or “65in OLED TV” or “4K television”)
  • Competitor brand searches – your competitors’ brand or product (eg. “TCL”, “VIZIO”, “SHARP”)
  • Branded Product searches – your specific brand or product (eg. “Sony”, “LG”, “Samsung”)
  • Purchase Intent searches – searches that are related to a journey, but not in exactly the same category (eg. “Buy Sony 65in OLED TV”, “home theater installers” or “where to buy 65in HDTV mount”)
consumer buying stages

While technology continues to evolve, consumer behavior also changes. The consumer decision making process has gradually shifted into smaller moments. These moments, or “micro-moments,” are when a consumer acts on the need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something or buy something. Your business can be represented during those vital moments when decisions are made.

Whether you are looking to use this search intelligence for the first time or you’re ready for a fresh take on your current marketing strategies, we are here to provide you with immediate visibility, drive more business to your website and [drum roll please] increase your bottom line!