7 SEO opportunities to focus on right now

seo strategy

There’s no denying it…our world is in a state of panic and uncertainty. With the current situation changing daily, things can seem overwhelming and confusing leaving us feeling lost and wondering what to do next.

But, we are resilient and we will get through this.

If you’re anything like the business owners we know, you’ll want to use this time as productively as possible so your business can come out stronger on the other side of this situation.

So what CAN we do during this time of uncertainty?
Here are a few SEO tips to get you started:

1 – Stay on top of Google Trends

More people are home, which means more people are searching online. Stay on top of the Google Trends data relevant to your business so you can build content around those topics and be ready when sales pick back up.

2 – Keep an eye on Google Search & Keyword Rankings

In times like these where demand has shifted, you often see those shifts in search interest. Use this opportunity to change your approach. There are a number of tools we use everyday to monitor these changes, and we have a handy ‘Free SEO Report’ right here on our website.

3 – Build your content bank

Use this time to get writing and stockpile content that is ready to go. By focusing on top/mid-funnel content you will get a leg up on the competition and have consumers in the funnel for you to present products and services for their future needs.

4 – Start planning your Holiday strategy now

The unfortunate truth is we are looking at several months before the economic outlook improves. With Q1 and Q2 numbers looking lower than initially forecasted, we can start planning our strategies now and find ways to make that up during Q4. It isn’t too early to work on plans for Black Friday and Christmas strategies.

5 – Embrace new strategies 

Now that people are spending significantly more time at home streaming and watching YouTube, start developing video content to take advantage of this. Take a look at previously developed content that resonated with your audience and re-purpose that into a video format.

6 – Use the data

As we mentioned before, people are at home and searching more frequently. Depending on your business or industry, you may have even seen an increase in your website traffic as of lately. Although this traffic may not directly translate to immediate sales, it can offer some great insight about your top pages, visitor behavior and more. These insights will help give an idea on where optimizations are most important. 

7 – Focus on SEO as a proactive strategy

    • Update your website with fresh photos & content
    • Check your website’s page speed on mobile and desktop (important one)
    • Check your URL’s and make sure you don’t have any dead-ends or pages that need to be removed (Google hates 404 pages)
    • Simplify your site’s navigation 
    • Make sure your website displays your pages correctly on different devices and different screen sizes (also very important) 

As difficult as times may be, at the end of the day, you shouldn’t stop thinking positively of the future. Sooner or later, everyday life will get back to “normal”. For right now, your data IS going to look different, for better or worse. However, we suggest that you use this time to help ensure that your business continues on a path of success for the long-term.

We are all in this together, and we sincerely hope everyone recovers from the devastating effects of this situation as quickly as possible. 

Stay healthy, safe and positive!