Instagram Marketing:
Taking #FoodPics to the Next Level

Users are now able to click and order the exact meal from your post

instagram marketing

you know you have done this more than once.

One-stop shop food.

It’s no secret: Restaurants have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19. Photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, aims to help these businesses that have had to recently transition to only takeout and delivery order business, by offering a fast and easy way to generate restaurant orders. By partnering with ordering platform, restaurants can add stickers to their Instagram photos and stories, which can either link users to pre-filled order forms for that mouth-watering gourmet avocado toast, food truck street tacos, vegan mac and cheese with cauliflower, or even to a page to buy a gift card. Added bonus: users can also re-share these stickers to exponentially increase restaurant awareness, especially during a time when every order counts.

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order delivery or take out of the exact dish in the post or story, directly from the app.

Instagram = #FoodPorn, #Foodies, #Foodstagram

Also not a secret: Food is one of the most (if not the most) popular post content types, and the modern restaurant industry revolves around Instagram (by the way: if you are a restaurant and aren’t using IG on the daily, we need to have a serious talk). Users of all types share pictures of food more than any other post type. Popular users with large followings (aka ‘influencers’) are sometimes treated as if they are renowned national restaurant food critics, and restaurants have been adapting their presentation at great lengths to create more Instagram-worthy environments. From the design of their decor, uniforms and dishes, restaurants have upped their game to maximize their ‘sharing’ potential, and in an effort to go ‘viral’ among IG users.

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are you hungry yet? we definitely are.

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As media platforms continue to evolve, features such as one-step ordering will be emerging in the wild more and more often. If your restaurant needs help upping your social media marketing game, guidance reaching your audience more effectively, or just want to know how you can start using this feature on your IG account, just send us some free food (just kidding… maybe) and let’s talk. As a conversion-focused agency, this is an IG marketing winner- helping restaurants close the gap between post views, likes and sharing with actual orders from users and followers.