Google’s New Search Generative Experience and How it Affects Ads

On the first day of its release, Google’s latest search engine, the Google Search Generative Experience, will feature search ads. There won’t be an immediate option for advertisers to opt out of this new platform. Google will maintain a keen eye on the performance and overall user experience of these ads throughout the initial phase.

The VP & GM in Google Ads, Vidhya Srinivasan, declared that the new search experience will incorporate ads as an integral or “native part” of its design. All ads will be presented in specific ad spaces and slots, clearly labelled as sponsored content.

Google plans to keep refining and adjusting the ad interface to ensure they offer valuable and pertinent results to users. Srinivasan stated, “Search ads will retain their dedicated positions on the page in this new interface. Advertisers will still have the chance to connect with potential customers during their search journeys. As we gather more data, we will further develop and modify the ad experience.”

Screenshots offer a glimpse of how ads will appear in the desktop user experience of the new Google Search engine:

preview of google search generative experience

As for ad tracking, Google explained that it currently lacks specific tracking that would indicate whether ad impressions and clicks are generated from the original Google Search or the new one. This feature may be introduced in the future. Given that the new search engine is still in the experimental stage, the general visibility and traffic are expected to be limited, making tracking less critical for advertisers at this stage.

It’s also important to note that, currently, tracking of specific clicks isn’t possible for ads displayed in Bing Chat via Microsoft Advertising.

The performance of ads on the new Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) will be crucial for advertisers. However, immediate tracking of the differential performance of ads on SGE versus the original Google Search won’t be possible while SGE is still an experimental feature.

Google commits to continuous observation, testing, modification, and enhancement to ensure the ad experience benefits both searchers and advertisers. More information on AI for advertisers is expected to be revealed at the Google Marketing Live event scheduled for May 23.

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google's new search generative experience and how it affects ads 1

Google’s New Search Generative Experience and How it Affects Ads

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