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Signs That it’s Time For a New Website

It has been well-documented fact that a  visitor will decide whether they will do business with a company within the first 21 seconds of visiting the company’s website. What do your visitors perceive about your business when they visit your website for the first time? 1. The information on it is old or outdated. Outdated information […]


IMPORTANT: The Adwords 2x Budget Change and How it Affects You

There were still many questions about the impact of this sudden change. Here’s a look at several scenarios and changes advertisers might need to consider. Following last week’s sudden announcement that Google AdWords campaigns may now spend as much as twice the daily budget that advertisers set for their campaigns, many advertisers now find themselves heading into […]

Reaching a Deeper Audience with Vertical Search

People prefer a customized experience. We no longer have only three TV channels that contain a little bit of everything- We have networks dedicated to cooking, survival skills, crime and any other topic imaginable. The same goes for search engines. Users are looking for something more tailored to their interests. Something like… VERTICAL SEARCH. But […]